Natural Stone Tiles

Tiles are sold in full box quantities. The amount of tiles per box depended on the size tiles selected. Typically, tiles greater than 12×12” usually come 6-8 tiles per box, whereas you may find 10 tiles in a box of 12×12” tiles.

Yes, depending on the amount of material order, Caayu offers competitive shipping rates using the most popular carries like US Postal, Fed Ex and UPS. For more personal service please contact you Caayu to arrange in-house delivers.

Yes, we will gladly help load your vehicle if you desire to pick up your order. Please take consideration for the weight of the natural stone tiles.

When factoring square feet totals for your project, measure the length time the width to achieve the total square feet. For example; a 12’x12’ room will measure as follows: 12×12=144 sq ft. depending on the design pattern Caayu recommends adding an additional 5-10% for waste. Also, it is recommended to add an addition 3% for attic stock, incase repairs were needed at a later date.

The most common tile sizes are mosaics, 2×2”, 4×4”, 6×6” 8×8”, 12×12” 18×18” 24×24” 3×6” 4×8” 8×16”, please contact your Caayu representative for current availability.

All tiles must be inspected at time of delivery. In the event your order arrives damaged, please advise the shipping company and photograph all visible damage. All damage claims must be documented within 72 hours of delivery. No claims will be accepted for products that have been installed. For customer pick up, all products will be inspected at time of pick-up. The purchaser assumes all delivery responsibilities once the product leaves our facility.

Natural stone tiles are unique in every way. Shade, color and vein patterns will vary from tile to tile within each box. Exact matches cannot be guaranteed. If you’re looking for a specific color or vein pattern, we recommend visiting one of our facilities to preview the tiles prior to purchase.

Yes, given the fact that the materials we offer are 100% natural, we recommend visiting the Caayu facility to inspect the material prior to purchase.

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