An Inside Look at Moka Cream Limestone and its Unique Story

An Inside Look at Moka Cream Limestone and its Unique Story

Moka Cream is one of our favorite limestones! Quarried in Portugal, this limestone is one of the most popular in the world given its elegance and versatility. This material is characterized by its pale cream color, with accents of pink and dark beige veins, making it even more unique.


This stone is quarried in the small town of Alcanede, in the center of  “Serra de Aire e Camdeiros”, which is a well-known limestone extraction area in Portugal. This town is home to more than 1,500 caves; the perfect setting for limestone production. Quarries in Europe, specifically in Portugal and Italy, are some of the most beautiful in the world.


Moka Cream is ideal for interior design projects and can look stunning when used for fireplaces, flooring, bathtubs, and wall cladding. The maintenance is also incredibly easy, as the stone should simply be polished, and cleaned with a stone cleaner.

Footage taken during our visit to the Moka Cream quarry ↓

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