Laguna Marble

Laguna Marble

The flexibility of a marble coupled with the strength of a granite

Laguna marble combines the technical characteristics of grey granites, ability to weather all seasons, and the beauty of a marble, adding character to any space or surface.

Multiple Finish Options

To better match your needs


Given its structural characteristics, Laguna marble can be processed to have the same rough finishes as those of granites and marbles. It can be produced in large slabs, cobble-stones and even boulder.


Exceptional performance for outdoor areas in any condition or weather


Low absorption and low porosity of Laguna marble reduces the need for maintenance in comparison to other surfaces.


For floors, facades and pools, whether in heat or snow

Laguna marble is one of the few stones that can be used for outdoor water applications such as pools and fountains. Its tones and veining create a nice blue-grey blend that can camouflage dirt and day-to-day stains.


Natural stone from a quarry that can supply all kind of demands


The extraction of Laguna marble is environmentally friendly and maximizes the use of the marble to minimize wastage and avoid accumulations that can be harmful to the surroundings.


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