The New Sintered Stone Collection -ASCALE by TAU

The New Sintered Stone Collection -ASCALE by TAU

Exclusively at HG Stones
Creating spaces that evoke feelings of comfort in all audiences

Lightness, Cut Resistance, Anti-stain, Waterproof, Hygienic, Large Format, UV Resistance,

High and Low Temperature Resistance and 100% Natural

The ASCALE collection is perfectly adapted to the needs of all audiences including all kinds of marbles, cements, stones, woods, metals and essentials.

Torano Statuario

Without a doubt one of ASCALE’s best sellers. The Statuario is characterized by its light color and greyish veining with very fine and parallel lines.

Due to its mechanical properties and natural beauty, it is very appreciated in architecture and as a building material all over the world.

Marquina Black

Elegance and glamour are the two qualities of Marquina. Black background with striking white veins crossing the slab creating a harmonious look. Design that has been increasingly used in interior spaces.

Borgogna Silver

Inspired by the traditional limestone of Burgundy, a region of France known throughout the world for its great wines and for its rich architectural heritage, which includes castles, abbeys and Romanesque buildings.


Borgogna presents grey tones with light and dark shades interrupted by more or less marked dots and veins and irregular grey lines.

Crotone Pulpis

Brown tones with fine white veins and golden reflections. A unique finish due to the chromatic variety which perfectly adapts to both modern and classic atmospheres.


A very trendy color that has been heavily used in many luxury store projects and for exclusive international contract projects.

Vagli Gold

Vagli Gold recreates a white calacatta marble with exceptionally fine veins. Perfect for creating elegance and harmony. White background with the incrusted golden reflections in the veins provide a warm touch.

Cardoso Gray

Grey stone with marked gray and white veins. Great choice for bright and open kitchens. The neutral and contemporary colors give it a lot of charisma when combined with decorative elements.

ASCALE comes in thicknesses of 6mm, 12mm and 20 mm and 3200mm × 1600mm format which is a very powerful tool for professionals in architecture, construction and interior design.


By choosing ASCALE you can enjoy the finishes of the most iconic natural stones with the benefits of the latest generation sintered stone.

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