Over a quarter century’s experience and a lifetime of passion

Established in 1992, HG Stones has grown to be the leading source of premium natural stone. In addition to owning and operating out of our production facilities in New York, HG has long stood by its core value of analyzing and personally selecting blocks of stone at renowned quarries around the world. Our mission is to solely provide premier quality surfaces, and the experience developed over the past 25 years has enhanced our ability to do just that. 

Our Selection Process

HG is able to offer exclusive product lines because of the relationships built with quarries worldwide as well as the expertise gained overtime. We send our team of engineers and geologists to first handedly visit quarries in São Paulo (Brazil), Carrara (Italy), and Pêro Pinheiro (Portugal) to name a few. In doing so, they can personally analyze vein patterns, shading, and the durability of the stone in order to choose the premium grade material.


Our Pietra Cardosa Quartzite  is quarried in Italy                                                                                    Our Moka Creme Limestone is quarried in Portugal



                     Calcatta Amadeus block that we chose from our suppliers in Portugal