New trend alert? Terrazzo stone!

New trend alert? Terrazzo stone!

New trend alert? Terrazzo stone!

What is Terrazzo stone, and why is it making a comeback now?


Terrazzo is a composite material, made of pieces of various natural stone such as marble, granite, quartz, glass, etc. History traces terrazzo stone’s application back to ancient Egypt, but the more modern look is associated with 15th century Venetian pavements in Italy. Terrazzo came to America in the early 20th century, but wasn’t used as much due to the likelihood of the material cracking.


It wasn’t until the invention of two devices, divider strips and the electric grinding machine, that allowed terrazzo to be used in bigger spaces. These two inventions gave the material the durability that it needed, and brought down associated costs and lead times in producing it.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is made from terrazzo!

So what have we noticed in terms of trends? Looking back at 2017/18, it was clear that a demand for vintage, chic materials had increased from the Architecture + Design community. With the ongoing desire from consumers for low maintenance and budget-friendly materials, Terrazzo seemed to be the perfect fit! It is eco-friendly, has low maintenance qualities, and has the aesthetics that our industry absolutely loves!


Neolith, one of our valued brands, responded to consumers’ desire for the terrazzo look by releasing its Retrostone this past year!

Full slab of Neolith’s Retrostone

This marvelous take on the terrazzo stone look boasts a kaleidoscope effect throughout the slab. Retrostone is available only in silk finish, in both 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. We highly recommend the usage of this product for floors, walls, countertops, sinks, and more!

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