What Type of Stone is Best for Each Part of My House?

What Type of Stone is Best for Each Part of My House?

One of the most daunting prospects for homeowners is choosing the right stone for their house! Many homeowners love the way stone looks but are unsure of what material is suitable for where. If you are currently facing this challenge yourself, no need to worry! Here is a comprehensive guide on what stones are ideal for every part of your home!

Floors: Granite is generally known as the most durable stone, which is why it is a popular choice for many commercial projects. However, since most homes typically do not cater to such high-traffic environments, this opens up more options. Neolith, Limestone, and Marble are wonderful alternatives. And there is a plethora of color choices that all encapsulate a contemporary and sleek look.


Kitchen Countertops: Most stones, such as granite, marble, and Neolith are suitable countertops. It is best to avoid limestone entirely, as it is extremely porous and thus vulnerable to spills and outside damage. That being said, it is still recommended to maintain your granite or marble countertops by sealing it once every few months to avoid etching. On the other hand, Neolith does not require any maintenance as such as it is completely stain and scratch-resistant.


Walls: Neolith is an excellent choice for walls because of its intense durability along with its contemporary design. It can be easily used for both interior and exterior walls because of its light weight and high safety rating. A few notable qualities of Neolith surfaces include stain-resistance, scratch-resistance, freeze-resistance, fire-resistance and much more!


Fireplace: There is a level of flexibility with this area because any type of stone can be used as all are resistant to heat. However, in regards to elegance, marble and limestone surfaces look particularly rich on fireplaces. The organic characteristics of marble or limestone fireplaces develop overtime, as more uses cause the nature of the stone to give off a rustic look.


Bathroom & Shower: For showers, we recommend Neolith or honed marble for not only longevity reasons but also for its beauty. Polished stone in bathrooms can become dull over time from the water and soap usage (the polish is essentially worn away). As per the rest of the bathroom, the flooring and wall recommendations are as seen above.


Outdoor Space: Using stone in outdoor spaces will always impress your guests! The best stone to use is granite, because of its durability within various weather conditions. If you live in a particularly snowy, icy climate, we highly recommend that your granite be honed as opposed to polished. The constant freezing, expanding, and thawing of ice can wear down the polishing of your stone. An alternative surface material that can also be withstand outdoor climates is Neolith due to its highly resistant nature.

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