What’s the Hype About White Marble?

What’s the Hype About White Marble?

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of New York interior designers and homeowners are obsessed with white marble?


Whether it be for kitchens, baths, or fireplaces, white marble has been and continues to be one of the most popular choices within the design industry. Even though white surfaces are a common color choice for many people, we find the elegance and pristine look will never go outdated.

We at HG Stones believe marble is a great surface choice because of how durable it is in the long-run. Marble is naturally cool in temperature, making it known to be fairly heat resistant. While there are many pricey white marble colors, it can sometimes be less expensive than granite or quartz surfaces. Lastly, marble remains consistent in its value in the long term. Having marble surfaces in your space contributes to the overall real estate price. There is no such thing as marble decreasing in beauty or value overtime!

So now, why the the hype about white marble? The answer is incredibly simple; white marble is elegant, sleek, and incredibly versatile. It can match a contemporary design layout or even a rustic design layout. And believe it or not, there are multiple variations of white marble! Some colors have specks of gold, while others have soft grey veins. It is subjective to say that white marble is the most beautiful looking natural stone out there, but it seems reasonable as to why it has always been a popular choice for many!

White Carrara Venatino is a perfect statement
piece with its bold, grey vein patterns

Calcatta Extra is the classic white marble
piece with soft grey veining

Calcatta Gold has the elegance of white
marble with a subtle splash of color

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